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Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

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MIT provides a suite of undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs to domestic and international students in Business, Accounting, Information Technology, Computer Networking and Engineering (Telecommunications).

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MIT is registered  by Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) as a higher education provider (TEQSA Provider Identification Number: 12138) and our courses are accredited by TEQSA.

MIT has two campuses, located in the heart of most liveable cities of the world, Melbourne and Sydney. Aptly located in the heart of the CBDs, both the campuses are easily accessible by Public transport.

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stmik likmi – melbourne institute of technology

Through STMIK LIKMI pathway program, students will study in Bandung for the 1st year, and then continue to MIT for 2 years. With this study scheme, students will saving tuition and living cost in Australia, but still get the Bachelor degree from MIT after they finish their study.

Pilihan program

  1. Bachelor of Business
    The MIT Bachelor of Business develops graduates with the knowledge and ability to work as specialist business professionals in varied and changing business environments. The degree offers a range of core units with a strong industry focus and has been designed to develop students’ critical thinking, communication and professional skills, which are required in contemporary 21st century business settings.The MIT Bachelor of Business allows students the flexibility to determine which business discipline they wish to pursue. Students gain a broad understanding of business principles through the first year core units, and then go on to develop specialised skills in a business discipline of their choice, through the study of a specialisation, which are: Accounting, Marketing, Management.
  2. Bachelor of Networking
    The Bachelor of Networking (BNet) at MIT prepares students to plan, design, implement, manage and maintain computer networks, covering both wired and wireless networks and network architectures such as peer to peer and client server. Digitisation is sweeping the world creating seismic shifts in career outlooks. To ensure our graduates leave with skills that makes them versatile and digital disruption ready, we offer a set of specializations that develops additional skills for a digital world such as in Cyber Security, Software Engineering, and Cloud Networking.
  3. Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Telecommunication)
    Students learn about wireless technologies, broadband systems, mobile cellular systems, WI-FI, radar for weather forecasting, establishing communication satellites for GPS, fiber-optics, networking hardware or communication devices.


STMIK LIKMI adalah institusi pendidikan tinggi terkemuka di Bandung, Jawa Barat yang berdiri sejak tahun 1985. STMIK LIKMI merupakan pelopor institusi pendidikan dalam bidang teknologi informasi di Bandung. STMIK LIKMI juga merupakan institusi pendidikan tinggi swasta pertama di Jawa Barat yang menawarkan program pascasarjana di bidang Sistem Informasi.
Saat ini STMIK LIKMI menawarkan berbagai program studi yang berkaitan dengan teknologi informasi dan bisnis, yaitu: Sarjana Teknologi Informasi (dengan pilihan bidang keahlian: Graphic & Multimedia Design, Software Engineering, and Network Engineering), Sarjana Sistem Informasi (dengan pilihan bidang keahlian: ITPreneurship, Business Management,  Digital Accounting  and Information System), serta Magister Sistem Informasi.

STMIK LIKMI tidak hanya memiliki reputasi yang baik di perusahaan teknologi informasi di Indonesia saja, tetapi juga di universitas di luar negeri. STMIK LIKMI juga menawarkan gelar sarjana internasional melalui kolaborasi dengan beberapa universitas partner, yaitu :

  • Bachelor of IT dari RMIT University, Australia
  • Bachelor of Business dari RMIT University, Australia
  • Bachelor of Business dari Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  • Bachelor of Networking dari Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology dari Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  • Diploma of Commerce dari Canning College, Australia
  • Bachelor of Commerce dari Curtin University, Australia
  • Bachelor of Digital Media Technology dari Zhejiang University of Science and Technology 


Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia dan STMIK LIKMI menyediakan berbagai jenis beasiswa. Silakan menghubungi STMIK LIKMI untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai syarat dan ketentuannya.

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